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The BFCC  has a new website which we hope you will enjoy.  Please note that this version is a work in progress with some items and features to be added at some future date.  In the meantime, please roam about the site - we would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions.  Please send any ideas you may have about the new site to any of the executive or Webmaster.  See 'The Club - Executive' page for addresses.  Enjoy!


IMPORTANT NOTICE for BFCC members and Bichon breeders with CKC memberships:

Please review below document which is the proposed ROE for the Bichon Frise as required by Agricultural Canada through the CKC. The ROE template will be used to establish ROEs for all CKC recognized breeds.

This is considered Phase One of the process. We are on the fast track and CKC hopes that we can move through all the phases with final CKC member approval by October 2023.

To understand the concept of the ROE it is advised you watch the CKC video that explains what ROEs are at:

ROEs are not used in reference to show dogs but sets a basic requirement for breeding stock for Agriculture Canada. This ROE DOES NOT REPLACE OR AFFECT our breed standard with CKC. Our Breed Standard is what we strive for and continued to be referenced in determining show quality dogs and used to determine top dogs in the show ring.

If you have suggestions or questions regarding this proposed ROE please submit them to me in writing by May 1. I will do my best to provide answers. Please feel free to contact CKC as well with direct ROE questions or concerns.

Dolleen Strum

ROE for Agriculture Canada - re: Bichon Frise Breed: Bichon Frise

Size: Very Small
Coat Colour: White

Colour Markings: Buff, cream or apricot shading about ears or body permissible. Complete black pigmented nose, eye rims and lips.

Coat Texture/Length: Soft, dense undercoat, coarse, curly outer coat Body: Slightly longer than tall, moderate rib spring, level topline, with slight arch over the loin.

Ear Shape/Placement: Dropped ear, set on slightly higher than eye level, set forward on skull.

Tail Shape/Carriage: Set on level with topline, curved gracefully over back.

Feet: Tight, round, with thick black pads. Unique Characteristics: Genetic/Observable Variability:

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